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Carl Henry with Prince Albert of MonacoThe size of the Pentland Hills development & infrastructure should not be underestimated, it is the same size as the Principality of Monaco and placed within 30 miles of 70% of Scotland's population.

Positioned strategically to offer the widest possible range of Hospitality & Leisure activities to the maximum number of people, Pentland Hills will generate economic benefits to the surrounding area well above its physical size.

To give some indication of scale the current size of the Pentland Hills development is equivalent to 276 UEFA Champions League football fields, when you imagine we will put around 1,000 habitable units on there plus multiple indoor & outdoor leisure activities you can only guess at the infrastructure required, which we intend to create within the next 36 months.

In addition to the current 485 acre site we have plans to more than triple the size of the development up to 1,450 acres which will facilitate a vast increase in the facilities and activities we can include on this perfectly situated multi use development.

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